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Research in the Risk Assessment and Management of Structural and Infrastructure Systems (RAMSIS) lab is aimed at risk and resilience assessment and improvement of aging structural and infrastructure systems against natural and manmade hazards primarily from the perspective of Structural Engineering, while informed by other disciplines through research collaborations. Research activities in the RAMSIS lab have covered a wide range of structures and infrastructure systems including bridges, buildings, wharves, overhead utility structures, and levees and floodwalls to seaports, power grids, and flood defense systems.

To achieve the stated objectives, research focuses on four major thrusts:

  • analysis of aging and deterioration mechanisms and modeling their complex processes
  • high-fidelity nonlinear numerical modeling of geo-structural systems considering complexities arising from soil-structure interactions and long-term aging and deterioration effects
  • multi-hazard reliability, risk, and resilience analysis of the aging built environment
  • optimization of¬† design and management of structures and infrastructure systems based on comprehensive objectives such as reliability, resilience, and lifecycle cost.

These research activities have been supported by private entities and state and federal agencies over the past five years.