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A Bridge Condition Index for Transportation Asset Management in Ohio

This research proposes a practical and efficient measure called bridge condition index (BCI) for reliable condition assessment of Ohio bridges through effective utilization of the Ohio Department of Transportation's (ODOT's) bridge databases. The products of this research will directly contribute to the strategic goals of ODOT in maintaining Ohio's transportation systems and enhancing their efficiency, safety, and capacity. A number of state departments of transportation (DOTs) and federal agencies have developed and implemented several bridge performance measures. An essential component of bridge management systems is performance measures which assist bridge owners in taking appropriate maintenance, rehabilitation, and repair (MR&R) actions to right bridges at the right time and cost. These metrics are useful for a specific set of goals that are defined based on the type of decisions to be made by stakeholders; however, they do not fully satisfy the set of requirements mentioned previously. This is due to a number of factors such as (1) inability to properly represent the condition state of bridges and indicate critical needs for bridge preservation, (2) large subjectivities in determination of involved parameters, (3) unavailability of some key data required for the calculation of the metrics, and (4) high complexity of procedures, among other factors.


Funding Source: Ohio Department of Transportation