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Omar El Khoury


Omar is a former labmate of RAMSIS. He received a Ph.D. in 2017 at The Ohio State University. He graduated with a B.E. degree (highest distinction) from Notre Dame University, Lebanon, in 2008 and his M.S. degree in civil engineering from North Dakota State University in 2010. He had some job experience for around two years as a quantity surveyor at DG Jones, Lebanon. To further his education, he decided to accept a graduate fellowship in August 2012 at Ohio State University and pursue a Ph.D. in civil engineering (structures). Since then, Omar has been working in the realms of both teaching and research. Omar’s research spans three areas (computational and experimental): health monitoring and hazard mitigation of civil engineering structures, smart control technology, structural resilience, nonlinear system identification of stochastic systems, and structural dynamics for earthquake engineering applications. The doctoral research develops a control framework that integrates the uncertainty in hazard excitation and in hazard-excited structure, the nonlinearity in the system, dynamics and constraints of the control device, and the probabilities of failure and the repair costs in the system. The framework aims at minimizing damage to structural and nonstructural components through actions that affect pre-, during, and post- hazard performance of systems, on one hand, and on reducing initial cost, retrofitting cost, repair time, and casualties, on the other hand. In addition to his civil engineering research, Omar’s teaching experience includes working as a graduate teaching associate in the Fundamentals of Engineering program since August 2014. Omar has taught introductory engineering classes (72 students per class). The roles expand to helping students during class and lab, holding weekly office hours, teaching and managing lab sessions, grading assignments, and mentoring students. Omar is passionate about advancing STEM education and working on humanitarian engineering, diversity, and service. His expected graduation is in May 2017.